On November 8 2019, we held a seminar “Google Analytics 360 drive better business results ~ Latest case studies by APAC No.1 Google partner ~” in Bangkok.

In Japan, companies that manage data marketing and CRM are making good profits, and their importance is gradually beginning to be understood. In Thailand, it is still not a widespread situation, but understanding of their importance will spread in the future. The key to success in the future is to know how to use Google technology, which is the foundation of digital marketing around the world, especially GMP (Google Marketing Platform) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform), which are also themes of this time.

In this seminar, we will focus on Google Analytics 360, one of the functions that make up GMP (Google Marketing Platform), and introduce the differences between the paid version and the free version, their advantages, and success stories using Google Analytics 360.

Seminar contents

  • Data marketing market trends in Thailand
  • What is GMP (Google Marketing Platform)
  • What is Google Analytics 360
  • Advantages of Google Analytics 360 (paid version)
  • Google Analytics 360 case study

In the case study, we introduced several famous Japanese companies and their specific methods that actually improved business performance using Google Analytics 360. While each company has a variety of issues and situations, they improved business performance in a different way using Google Analytics 360. Some of the companies who participated in the seminar are already using Google Analytics (free version), and they seemed that they were very interested in using the paid version.

Industry of participating companies

Distribution financial company
Automobile leasing company
Travel agency
General electronics manufacturer
General electronics manufacturer sales company
Real estate developer
Trading company finance company, etc.

Medical institution
Overseas apparel and cosmetics brand manufacturing and sales company
Metalworking / machine tool manufacturer
Beauty equipment manufacturers
Sugar company, etc.

In order to hold this seminar, we preferentially invited the leading companies of Thai economy. Fortunately, many companies attended the seminar, the results showed that almost all of them were highly interested in Google Analytics 360 and data utilization.

In the questionnaire conducted after the seminar, all participants expressed their impression that Google Analytics 360 is useful in business. In addition, even if the company has not yet been engaged in CRM, almost all companies are planning to start in the future.

In the future, the use of GMP (Google Marketing Platform), the utilization of data, and the spread of CRM will accelerate in Thailand. Our group is a Google reseller partner with APAC no.1 achievements and ratings. If you have any questions about Google Analytics 360 implementation or CRM, please feel free to contact us.