Project Overview

Client :  Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Service Category : Online Marketing Support

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is a government agency working to attract foreign tourists to Japan, and has launched competition for attracting foreign visitors in major countries around the world. We have been continuing business support for various projects for over 10 years since 2009. After planning competition in 2018, we supported online related business such as sending information to Japan by website and SNS. Since fiscal 2019, we continue to support business as a JNTO’s main digital contractor.

Project background

Creating and publishing content on the official website of JNTO, and delivering monthly newsletters and conducting online advertisement. The content was proposed and created in Japanese and translated into Thai after approval.

Travelling information about Japan on JNTO official Thai website JNTO

  • Website content planning, creating and publishing online
  • Newsletter design, creating and publishing online
  • Leaflet planning, creating and publishing online
  • Updating website and maintenance
  • Report (monthly, quarterly, overall )

Travelling information about Japan on JNTO Facebook page

  • Content planning, creating, and posting
  • Posting on Instagram
  • Account management
  • Video content planning, creating, and posting
  • Main banner creating and publishing
  • Report (monthly, quarterly, overall )

Online Advertisement

In order to increase the inflow to websites and Facebook pages, we have implemented online advertisements such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.


  1. Advertising planning
  2. Creating advertising creatives
  3. Advertisement settlement and management
  4. Report (monthly, quarterly, overall )

Project Result

In order to strengthen information dissemination to tourists visiting Thailand every year, we support the expansion of awareness by planning, producing, distributing, and online advertisement of more than 70 web contents and 365 contents over the course of the year.

By continuously introducing Japanese places to visit such as attractive tourist spots and scenic spots, we succeed to get many people interested in Japan, and to achieved numerous number of new Facebook fans.