Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods that communicates through email and leads to attracting customers and acquiring conversions. Although the use of Social media as a customer contact point has risen in the business market, the usefulness of email as a communication tool is still undeniable. Especially in B2B companies, it is an effective method because communication is centered on email. Email marketing objectives are attracting customers, developing fans of products and brands, and purchasing services, and since email marketing is able to check the levels of interest of potential customers by checking the open rate of emails and the status of URL click through website, we are able to get results by approaching business negotiations at the right time.

There are various methods in email marketing such as delivering mail step by step according to the situation of purchasing motivation to follow the behavior of prospective customers in a step-by-step manner. “Segment mail” is another method of sorting customers based on attributes and behaviors and sending content with different contents for each segment. Attributes such as company industry, location, job title, and issue or goals they have, or behaviors such as webinar participation, exhibition visitors, document requests, and inquiries. “E-mail newsletter” that delivers the same content to all recipients at once. It will be distributed to everyone regardless of their attributes or actions, whether they have exchanged business cards once or are in the process of business negotiations, and will be distributed to many people such as “new product releases” and “large-scale event announcements”. Last example method of email marketing is an email sent to a customer who has not been contacted for a while, such as having a business talk 6 months ago but losing the relationship, or users downloading the product information pdf files on a website but not being able to contact for 3 months. The purpose is to remind the customers about your brand and to make them reconsider purchasing products.

Various methods of Email Marketing

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Able to start at a low cost

The cost of implementing email marketing is lower than compared to other online advertising measures. Since it does not have the printing cost or advertising cost, the only thing that will play a part is the manpower for creating the content, and costs for distribution systems and tools for checking the performance such as open rate, delivery rate.

Able to get new potential customers

In order to obtain new potential customers, we need to approach customers who have needs at that time. It will be a waste to wait until a demand arises just because there was no demand at the time of first contact. However, it is very inefficient to check the situation for each company by tele appointment on a regular basis. On the other hand, if it is an email, it can reach many companies and people at one time. Regardless of whether you have demand or not, by having regular contact with customers through email newsletters, etc., it will be easier to approach the timing when you want to notify about your products and services. Therefore, it is possible to get responses such as inquiries and purchases of products and services via email.

Able to keep existing customers

Customers who have purchased the product once are said to have lower purchasing consideration than customers who have not purchased the product before. Email marketing is a tool that allows companies and individuals to connect directly at a very low cost compared to direct visits, and telephones. Once the customers have made a purchase or use your service, you can build relationships by continuing to have contacts using email. Keep engaging with the existing customers by emailing products that are similar to their product purchase history to stimulate their purchasing motivation.

Able to change the content and delivery timing of emails according to the attributes and behaviour of the user

Another advantage of email marketing is that you can set the content of emails, the timing of delivery, the frequency of delivery, etc. according to the attributes of the user.
It is also a marketing method that is compatible with other platforms such as “send an email with coupon to the user who accessed the product page.” Links to corporate websites or social media accounts, service detail pages, etc. can be included in the email, so synergistic effects with other media can be expected.

Able to check the effectiveness

There is a limit to how a sales team can follow customers individually by phone. Therefore, it is important to segment and understand the level of purchase intent of the users.
In email marketing, we can obtain data that measures the purchase accuracy of customers based on the reaction to the delivered email. After delivering an email, we are able to verify the effect by checking the data. We can immediately check data such as email arrival rate, open rate, CTR (click rate), CVR (conversion rate), and unsubscribe rate. By running the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle based on this data, it is possible to efficiently improve the accuracy of measures.

What will you get with ICOMM AVENU Email Marketing Service?

Content planning and creating designs whether you are B2B or B2C. We will plan for the title and content in order to get the user to open the email.

Send emails, whether it is a web page (html), text, and more.

Email delivery report, showing how many emails were sent to the recipient and how many were opened, link click etc.

Analysing the performance and suggesting improvement based on the results.

Providing an overall effective marketing plan connecting with other measures.

Design Template Conditions
  • Design Email template 2 formats.
  • Can be edited up to 2 times.
  • Design job period is not more than 3 days (Initially it is draft submission after 2 revisions and then design).

Terms of use of Email Marketing Template

  • The email list of recipients shall be sent in Excel format.
  • Email delivery reports such as number of emails opened, number of clicks, number of outgoing emails which devices have been opened will be sent in PDF format.


We are client-focused, results-driven first digital marketing agency in Asia Region

Team of experts

We have a team with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing. We acknowledge various strategies such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc for B2C and B2B clients. A team of dedicated advertising operations is assigned to each client to provide a thorough support system that can respond to phone calls, emails, and web conferences at any time.

Performance Optimization

Not just run email marketing and be done with. We will collect and analyze data of the performance and run PDCA for optimizing overall digital marketing strategies to achieve the highest ROI.

Marketing Support

ICOMM AVENU believes that it is important to propose and implement measures based on the same understanding that the client is facing. Even if you improve the number of website access with email, it will be less cost-effective if customers who visit your website are unable to find the information they are looking for. We will suggest and propose overall digital marketing improvements including website improvements together with the email marketing that could be done effectively together.