Video Marketing

Video is the most powerful and effective way of storytelling medium. It serves as a prime proving ground for your products, services and promotional campaigns.

No matter under what circumstances, video is able to reach out to your personalised audience and strengthen contactless inbound marketing.

Comscore statistics showed that when a video viewer spends at least 2 minutes on your video ads, there is 64% chances that the viewer is more likely to buy something and make engagement. (Source:「The Daily Egg」)

ICOMM, which has a track record of over 20 years of marketing in Thailand and Malaysia, grasps the target and creates a video from planning!

We could help you strategize, create, and optimize videos to fascinate your audience and attract more leads.

Strengthen inbound marketing with video


Combining visual and audio in video is very powerful marketing. By using images, sounds, and narration, you can easily convey the point to the viewer.

Comparing with just texts, a video appeal to your eyes, ears and emotions, which makes much effectively last in viewer’s memory

Lower bounce rate

People normally stay on your webpage for six seconds or less. With a fascinating video, it’s lower the bouncing rate.

Spreading power

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful and free advertising. By using video, viewers can easily share it via social media platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram.

Lead Generation

Authentic video contents intrigue viewers and could generate engagement and leads.


Video forms connections with your customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored them. Showing them what you can provide and the solutions that they are looking for.

Better SEO Ranking

Utilizing a video production means your webpage will show up in search engines more than companies who don’t.

Video Production

–Process Flow–


We will listen to your demand carefully and outlining your objectives, target audience, key message, preferred video style with music and timeline.


Drafting out your video concepts in a detailed planning by our marketing-background teams.


Choose the storyboards you like from our outstanding proposals. The storyboard is the draft image in step flows according to suggested timing.


Our scriptwriters will craft a compelling story with dialogues and valuable contents according to your video concepts and objectives.


Magic happen! We will bring your storyboard to life with motion, animations, sounds effects and voice-over.


Finally, you can start using the video in your advertising or any medium platforms. We can deliver the files in any preferable size and format which is able fit YouTube or any display platforms.


is it done? Not yet~
We are not just finished by creating videos. We could support you on how to use the video to increase sales and generate more engagement from our marketing prospective.

–Video Marketing Showcase–

–Why Choose ICOMM–

Fast Response

Create outstanding yet professional videos in a matter of your needs by anytime and any connections methods. We are always available for you with our team.

Cost Effective

Don’t worry about spending much and worry about the investment results. We will always stand with you to maximize the return of investment (ROI) with minimum spending in marketing.

Marketing Support

With more than 20 years in marketing, we are not just creating the video that is requested. More than that, we will make the video that is “transmitted” and “conversion-focused” when the target sees the video. We provide the most effective ideas to reach your audiences.