Website Diagnosis Frequency


After getting some ideas of how important website diagnosis is, some might be asked how often they should run website diagnosis.

There is no definitive answer to how often you should perform a website diagnosis, as different websites may have served different needs and goals. However, there are some tips to be referred to before you make any decision of running a website diagnosis.

  • If you have made major changes to your website such as adding new features, redesigning website layout or have gone through website revamping, then you might need to perform a website diagnosis.
  • You should also perform a website diagnosis whenever you notice a significant drop in your website traffic, conversions, or rankings, as this may indicate a problem with your website’s performance, functionality, or health.
  • You should monitor your website’s key metrics, such as page load speed, bounce rate, and user engagement, on a regular basis, using tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console. These tools can help you identify and address any issues that may affect your website’s user experience and search engine optimization.
  • You should also perform a website diagnosis whenever you want to improve your website’s performance, functionality, or health, such as by enhancing your website’s security, accessibility, or usability.


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