Website GA4 Diagnosis

GA4 Diagnosis

Google Analytic 4 (GA4) is a new kind of property that collects both website and app data to better understand the customer journey. It uses event-based data instead of session-based data, which means that it tracks the actions that users take on a website or app, such as clicking a button, viewing a page, or making a purchase.
GA4 also includes privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, and behavioural and conversion modelling, which can help website and app owners and developers to comply with the changing regulations and user preferences regarding data collection and usage

So, if you have not implemented GA4 and wish to know more about GA4 implementation, come check in here to get to learn more.

What is Google Analytic 4 (GA4) Diagnosis

Google Analytic 4 (GA4) Diagnosis is a process of analyzing and optimizing a website of yours has been completely implemented GA4 and how well the setup has been done. Some setting and tag code needed for specific buttons or webpages according to your business objectives and marketing direction. Incomplete setup of GA4 would lead to some data could not be collected. So, we will perform a diagnosis to identify and address any issues that may affect your GA4’s performance.

Benefits of using a complete setup of GA4

1. Tracking website traffic

Google Analytics can help you understand how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from, and what pages they are viewing.

2. Identifying user behavior

Google Analytics can help you understand how users are interacting with your website, such as which pages they are spending the most time on, which pages they are exiting from, and which pages are leading to conversions.

3. Optimizing website performance

By analyzing user behavior and website traffic, you can identify areas of your website that need improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your website’s performance.

4. Measuring marketing campaigns

Google Analytics can help you track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by measuring how many people are clicking on your ads, how long they are spending on your website, and whether they are converting into customers.

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