E-Commerce Development

For those who are considering upgrading your current e-commerce operation which is done on platforms such as Lazada or Shopee, or if you have a physical store, or you are currently considering building your own e-commerce site, you have come to the right page.

The number of people shopping online is increasing everyday as it is easier and convenient to simply click the button and wait for the product delivery. Unlike physical stores, e-commerce sites allow users to shop 24hours 7 days a week which generate revenue for the business. Having e-commerce solutions for your business is a smart, effective and cheap way to reach the global audience as well.

E-commerce websites have a shopping cart system which allows customers to shop and purchase on the website. Meanwhile on the backend, we will develop an e-commerce site where clients can use the system to manage to add products, stock and run promotions by themselves.

We utilize not only design but also many system development achievements and know-how to streamline and automate site management operations and reduce the operational burden on clients’ side.

Do you have such problems ?

We want to reach the target audience of each product specifically

We have created our EC site, but we have a problem of acquiring new customers

I’m thinking of opening an EC site, but unlike malls, it seems difficult to attract and increase customers to the site

CRM measures on EC sites are not enough or need more support on this

ICOMM AVENU will solve these problems by developing an e-commerce site with high functionality, low initial investment, and marketing support for customers acquisition.

What are the benefits for having an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website allows selling your products and services through internet. It means your customers have access to your online shopping cart where they can search your products and purchase them anytime and anywhere. A secured payment gateway is integrated to ensure smooth completion of your transaction and orders.

Users have turned to the internet for their needs as they can order whatever they require from their offices or homes at any time of the day. It is difficult to open late at night at a physical store, but the e-commerce site can sell products at any time the user wants. E-commerce sites maximize business opportunities

1. Reach out to the world

By launching an e-commerce site, brings you closer to the world markets. It becomes easier for you to sell your products without having geographical limitations. For the physical store, when you want to deliver your product to users all over the country, it is not easy to expand it nationwide because problems will be encountered. It will take a lot of effort to find out the areas where customers can be expected to be attracted from each prefecture, expense for the store rental fee, marketing activities tailored to the specific area. However, e-commerce solutions eliminate the physical barriers, making it possible to deliver your products to people all over the country and around the world. It is necessary to set up a distribution base for delivery, but it can be said that the delivery work does not take much time because it can be centralized in some areas and delivered all over the country or all over the world.

2. Able to collect customer data and product sales trends

E-commerce has the advantage of being able to acquire rich data from users who are interested in their products and services. For example, detailed data can be obtained from various angles, such as the gender and age group of users who visit e-commerce sites, the tendency of products to purchase, the time that users visit the site, the time that users purchase the products and what products are easy to be purchased by which segment group in what time of year. By collecting the customer data and product sales data, companies are able to enhance and improve the sales by analysing the trends and customer behaviours. To implement campaign activities for the best selling products to further raise awareness of products, or implement a promotion targeting only the segmented age group of most site visitors and make full use of data.

3. Able to sell 24hours 365days

Unlike physical stores, e-commerce sites do not require human operation for selling the products, it can be sold on the Internet 24 hours a day. Users can shop in their free time, so they don’t have to be stressed by the fact that the store isn’t open. Since the products are not actually displayed in the store, there is no need to rearrange the products or put them out in preparation for the next day, and one of the benefits is that the products can be sold in an orderly manner at any time.

What does ICOMM AVENU offer in e-commerce site development?

1. Deep briefing and discussion

about your product and services, concept/direction and business goal. Hearing your target KGIs, KPIs, as well as background stories or difficulties during product development, we can firmly grasp the value and attractiveness of your products and services.

2. Creative design

We focus on designing interactive UI/UX page creative that brings out the fascination of products, as well as enhancing the feelings of customers’ “want!”.

3. Fully functionalities and features

No matter how good the creativity is, it doesn’t work as effectively if the platform you use doesn’t have the functionality and extensibility to express it.
Example features and functions as below:

  • Favourite function
  • Product search function
  • Filtering categories
  • Review
  • Delivery date selection
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi language
  • CRM
  • Inventory system
  • Point system etc
4. CMS (Content Management System)

We will propose a CMS which could manage the website by yourself easily.
Information management system on the website, such as adding products, special promotions post articles trading reporting system, etc.

5. SEO Support (Support Search Engine)

We will support SEO which is one of the strategies that makes your e-commerce site display on the top page of Google search results for your potential customer to be able to find you and access your site. When building an e-commerce site, there will not only put the function for SEO but to consult for SEO by keyword as well.

6. Google Analytics Support

After the site is launched, we aim for a better site by proposing improvement plans based on analysing the user’s behavior on the site such as hypothesis statement of why user group did not lead to purchase etc by Google Analytics with certified team and running PDCA.

E-commerce site development is more than just building. In addition to designing the site, we will support acquiring customers and sales of the online shop after it is launched. We are here to support all the way from developing through operation for generating sales for your business.

Service fee starts from 250,000 Baht for a period oxs.


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Building Long-Term Relationship

In website development, the success of a project cannot be considered without building a good relationship of trust with the person in charge of the company. There are various situations, such as the person in charge who is extremely busy and the person in charge who is confused because of the sudden need for site renewal. ICOMM AVENU is always conscious of giving 120% of the support in order to build strong and long-term relationships.

Marketing Support

ICOMM AVENU has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Not just creating beautiful e-commerce sites but we can propose high-quality know-how that meets your requirements together with marketing strategies to increase your business sales. We have successful cases of creating all kinds of websites, including corporate websites, campaign websites, recruitment websites and e-commerce websites.

One Stop Service

We are a team of experts including planners, project managers, designers, and engineers work as a team, we provide one-stop services for website production, from site planning proposals to design work and system development. We don’t just deliver your website and be done with it. We are always here to offer the best for you to help your business grow.