Website Development

Nowadays, the demand for access to the target group is increasing steadily. One of the most popular and indispensable channels is “Website”, whether it is a large organization or SMEs place importance on having a website as a communication channel between target groups and brands.

The rate of searching for information on Google continues to increase. Therefore, in order to build trust and brand presence, it is best to start with a website so that people search and find in-depth information about your company and services. To achieve greater performance by getting leads via websites, it is extremely important not just to create a simple website but to create a quality and customer-focused website with useful contents that generate qualified leads. Another benefit about creating a quality website is increasing traffic by organic search therefore, it helps reduce the cost for implementing Google advertisements.

We provide excellent service

At Icomm Avenu, with a team of experts in digital marketing, we are not here to just create a website, but to provide the website that leads to results, leads, and sales.

Why do we need a website?

Before starting to create a website, everyone will have a question in their minds. How necessary is a website? What kind of business should have a website? How does a website help to increase sales? Today we will give an example of a simple reason. Let’s all have a look.

  • Customers gather information through the website to make purchase decisions
  • Build trust of the brand
  • Build customer contact points for getting leads
  • Able to collect data on target group’s usage and develop it
  • Able to connect to other online and offline platforms

What do we do for Website Development Service

With our expertise and digital marketing industry insights, we will consult and plan for the best website based on your objective and requirements to achieve greater outcomes.

Site structure & Design

We start out by planning the design with the mood and tone and website structure that associate with the user interface in mind to create a user-friendly and beneficial website for your target audience.


We believe websites shouldn’t just be a beautiful and pretty online company brochure. I-Comm Avenu will develop a powerful website that becomes a customer contact point to generate leads and build strong relationships.

Icomm Avenu focuses on assisting organisations in the online channel business goals for maximizing the return on investment. Our website development services cover from planning, designing, development, content creation consultation from a digital marketing perspective and interactions all towards leading your business growth.

Additional services related to website development

  • Domain / Hosting / SSL
    We will take care of both domain registration and hosting support with an annual fee. We provide a one-stop service from registration and management of SSL certificate.
  • SEO Support
    We will take care from keyword planning, keyword analysis, content format creation which associate on SEO to result in top search page ranking
  • Website System Maintenance
    Check & upgrade system/plugin to latest version
  • Website Maintenance
    Update information and content on your website. Manage all problems with a professional team.


We are client-focused, results-driven first digital marketing agency in Asia Region

Better results

We fully support to ensure your website will appear on top search results and drive traffic that eventually obtaining qualified leads. Providing one-stop service to cover all customers requirements and objectives.

Cost Effective

We will always stand with you to maximize the return of investment (ROI) with cost efficiency spending in marketing.

Marketing Support

With more than 20 years in marketing, we are “conversion-focused” when servicing website development service. We provide the most effective strategies for greater achievement for your company.

After Care Support

We don’t just deliver your website and be done with it. We are here when you need support. With a team of experts who are up-to-date in the system and functions, we are always here to offer the best for you to help your business grow.

Information website development start from 150,000 THB~

*Domain, server hosting and SSL is quote separately

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