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Nowadays, owning a website is very easy. You may create it with any CMS tools or engage with any professional team for them to help you create a well-designed website. But, still, why is the lead very low ? It might be because your website did not have good SEO practices or your loading speed is slow or lack of useful contents or might be other factors impacting your website performance. A lot of factors might cause your website not to run in good condition, as a result, your website performance is poor. Such a case, you need to go through Website Diagnosis.

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What is Website Diagnosis?

Website diagnosis is the process of evaluating and assessing a website’s health, performance, and functionality. It helps website owners and administrators to find and fix problems that may affect the site’s user experience, security, search engine ranking, and usability. Website diagnosis is a vital practice to ensure that websites are running smoothly and achieving their desired outcomes.

Benefits of Website Diagnosis

1. Issue Detection

Through website diagnosis, it can help to find and fix any issues that may affect your website’s user experience, security, search engine ranking, and usability. For example, you can detect and resolve broken links, malware, coding errors, or outdated content that may harm your website’s performance and reputation.

2. Increase traffic

Website diagnosis can help you increase your website’s traffic, conversions, and engagement by providing a better user experience, improving the content quality, and targeting the right audience. For example, we will check on how well your website practises search engine optimization (SEO). Some criteria needs to be practised in your website in order to have better SEO ranking.

3. Increase Website Performance

Website diagnosis can help to optimize your website’s performance by reducing the page load time, improving the responsiveness, and minimizing the resource consumption.

4. Increase Brand Awareness

Website diagnosis can help you achieve your website’s goals by aligning your website’s strategy, design, and content with your business objectives and user needs. For example, you can achieve your website’s goals by checking if your website is attractive, functional, and effective. It is an identity for your brand in the market. We will check on the overall contents and design of your website. Easy understandable message and direct call-to-action is essential in bringing up your brand identity among your competitors.

5. Enhance Accessibility and Usability

Website diagnosis can help you enhance your website’s accessibility, and usability For example, we will check on connection medium to your website, overall website index flow and each functionality on your website including submission forms. Too complicated settings in your website will confuse your customers, as result, impact on the engagement rate.

What do your customers want to know from your website?

When customers find your website, what do they want to know? It’s usually quite simple and often one of the following questions being asked:

  • Where is your store located?
  • How can I contact you?
  • Can I trust you?
  • What are you offering?
  • How can I get what you’re offering?

Our professional team knows your customer’s needs and always would not let you down as we know your problems well. So, engage with our professional to get a full FREE WEBSITE DIAGNOSIS report.

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