Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, ICOMM AVENU group (“ICOMM”) has established a policy on the protection of personal information (the “Privacy Policy”) as follows.

1. Compliance with the Laws

When handling personal information (those that can identify specific individuals, the same shall apply hereinafter), ICOMM complies with laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and this policy.

2. Purpose of using Personal Information

ICOMM uses personal information within the scope of the following use purposes A) ~ L) except in cases where the purpose of use is specified as much as possible and the consent of the individual is obtained beforehand, and when it is permitted to handle as an exception under the law on protection of personal information or other laws and regulations.

  • A) Inquiries regarding service / products
    • To respond to inquiries
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • B) Application for trial use of products
    • For procedures of trial use
    • To conduct surveys and questionnaires on usage of products etc.
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • C) Membership registration for web services operated by ICOMM
    • For use of the member service / function of the service
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • D) Application for requests for documents and campaigns regarding advertisements or promotion services in the web service operated by ICOMM
    • To provide prospect information to advertisers
    • For analysis of advertisement and promotion effectiveness
    • For lotteries, delivery of prizes, etc.
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • E) Application for participation in seminars and events hold by ICOMM
    • For procedures of seminar application
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • F) Registration for e-newsletter subscription issued by ICOMM
    • For delivery of e-newsletter, providing information to promote ICOMM’s products and services
  • G) Seeking Partners
    • For procedures of partner registration
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • H) Personal information deposited by clients in web solution business
    • To perform web solution business
  • I) Personal information of ICOMM’s clients and partners
    • To carry out tasks
    • For communication
    • For procedures of sales ordering
    • To announce ICOMM’s products, services and seminars by email etc.
  • J) Personal information of employees / retired employees
    • For labor management, payment of salary and bonus etc.
    • For communication
  • K) Recruiting Activities
    • For selection of candidates, communication with candidates
    • To study for future recruitment activities
    • To utilize for creating documents of human resources basis after recruitment is decided
  • L) Personal information accumulated by the user of ICOMM’s products / services
    • To check, edit, delete their personal information and send emails by users of ICOMM’s products/ services

In cases where it is necessary to use personal information other than the above-mentioned purpose of use, the consent of the individual shall be obtained except in case ICOMM got the consent of the individuals beforehand or when it is permitted to handle as an exception under the law on protection of personal information or other laws and regulations,

3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

ICOMM does not provide to any third party personal information that has been obtained by ICOMM except in case ICOMM got the consent beforehand or requested based on legal provisions or judicial proceedings.

In case ICOMM seeks to provide such personal information to a third party, ICOMM selects a third party who has appropriate and adequate standards for the protection of such personal information and executes an appropriate contract includes the protection of personal information and safety management with such a third party.

4. Management of Personal Information

ICOMM prevents any leak or loss of, and damage to personal information, and implements necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that personal information is securely managed.

5. Continuous Improvement of Internal Structure

In order to properly handle personal information, ICOMM continuously strengthens and improves the internal structure including review of this policy through the establishment of persons responsible for managing personal information, improvement of internal regulations, education for board members and employees, and implementation of appropriate internal audits etc.

6. Acquisition and Handling of Information on website and emails

ICOMM uses cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to analyze user behavior on website and provide customized services to each users on ICOMM’s web services.

Cookies, web beacons, etc. are used for statistical analysis etc. as anonymous information, and associated with customer identifying information in membership-based service in order to provide more customized services.

Acquisition of such information can be disabled by the following methods A to B.

  • A) When browsing ICOMM’s website

    You can refuse to receive cookies or data having the same function by changing the settings of your web browser to disable the association between cookie information and anonymous browsing information by web beacon. However, in that case, you may not be able to purchase products or use the services through that website.

  • B) When receiving emails from ICOMM

    ICOMM may use web beacon in HTML emails in order to improve the operation of the website or utilize for other sales activities. When you read HTML emails, browsing information such as the presence of email opens, previews and images/ texts which clicked etc. are recorded in ICOMM as information that can identify individuals. If you do not wish for such a record, please do setting to hide HTML emails or unsubscribe the emails.

7. Use of Google Analytics

ICOMM uses Google Analytics to analyze website usage. Google Analytics collects website usage data by using cookies and AMP client ID that does not identify an individual. The use of cookies and AMP client ID is based on Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms.

It is possible to disable the use of cookies and AMP client ID of Google Analytics by the methods provided by Google.

Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms


8. Inquiries concerning handling of Personal Information such as Disclosure

For inquiries concerning disclosure personal information, correction of contents, addition or deletion, notice of purpose of use, suspension of purpose of use, suspension of use, elimination and provision to third parties, please contact the following “Contact point of personal information“. In that case ICOMM will respond after taking the identification procedure which prescribed by ICOMM.

However, ICOMM does not return documents such as resumes and curriculum vitaes from the recruitment application, even after accepting / rejecting decision made. Regarding the application documents, ICOMM deletes them according to the disposal regulations of personal information specified by ICOMM after a certain period of time. (however, if candidates applied from web services operated by other companies, such information shall be managed by their regulations.)

9. Optionality of Providing Personal Information

The decision whether an individual provide personal information or not is made by the individual. However, ICOMM may not be able to give an appropriate answer in cases where the individual could not provide personal information.


Established and enforced on February 1, 2018

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