Have you ever experienced that your website does not appear on the top search engine even if you create content and upload it on the website? That is because the content is not written properly. The purpose of content articles posted on a website is to increase the ability of the site to attract customers, and ultimately to achieve results such as attracting prospects, increasing sales, and branding. Even if you launch a website with much effort, no one will access it just by launching it. If the website does not appear at the top of the search result page on Google, it will not be accessed and will not be known or lead to inquiries. This time, I would like to explain the points of how to write content that you should know in order to be displayed at the top of the search results.


As of 2021, there are approximately 55 million Internet users in Thailand. Currently, Thailand has a population of about 70 million, so we know that 75% of the population uses the Internet every day. In addition, the number is increasing year by year, and it is predicted that the number will reach about 62 million by 2025.

As the number of Internet users is increasing, the most used Internet medium in Thailand is the Google search engine.

What this means is that on a daily basis, Internet users are looking for information that they want to search on Google. As a result, many companies create and post content on their websites that users may be looking for in an attempt to get them into their websites. By activating communication through the website, we can secure a route to inquiries and business negotiations.
To do so, Google must first display your website at the top of Google’s search page for users to access your page. Being displayed at the top of the search results means that the content is evaluated by Google.  The content must be useful to users as Google focuses on user experience as the business goal and Google aims to provide the best to users.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the purpose of the content posted on the website is to increase the ability to attract customers and ultimately lead to the acquisition of potential customers, inquiries, and contracts. Therefore, getting the user to access and for them to feel satisfied after reading it without leaving the page is very critical. In order to display it at the top of the search results, the key is how to effectively create content that can be read to the end.

This article has summarized the points of how to write high quality content, so it would be great if you could refer to it.

Things to keep in mind when creating content

The most important point to keep in mind when writing content is the “user’s perspective”.
This user perspective is one of the key factors that Google evaluates.

Focus on the user and all else will follow.
Google’s first rule in their “Ten Things” philosophy is to focus on the user before anything else. They state they have served more on users than Google’s internal goals and revenue.

※Source:Google 10 philosophy

Google also states the following:

Create pages that prioritize users’ experience rather than search engines.

※Source:Webmasters Guidelines (Quality Guidelines) – Search Console Help

According to the above statements by Google, creating content from the user’s perspective is an extremely important factor.
In order to create high-quality content with that in mind, the following three elements must be needed.

  1. Content details match with the user’s search intent
  2. Content is structured to make you want to read until the end
  3. Content is easy to understand for the users

It is important to write content that provides the information that users want, has an easy-to-read structure, and has easy-to-understand language and explanations.

We will explain each in detail.

1.Content details match with user’s search intent

What exactly is search intent? This is the user’s goal or intention when entering a keyword into Google search engine; why did you search by that keyword?, what do you want to know? If a keyword is usually searched for with the intention of finding out more about it, then this search must be informational.Same with me, users always have a goal or intention when they type keywords into search engines. In order to create content that can be read by the user, it is important to understand the “search intent = purpose” of this user.

For example, if the keyword that the user key is on a search engine is “improve access count”, we could assume this user may want to increase the number of visitors on their website. Moreover, if we try to dig deeper into why do users want to know?, we could assume that this user has a problem of gaining access numbers on their website and do not have the solutions to the problem, or they are already doing something to increase access numbers but not doing it properly and want to know how to improve. By understanding what the user really wants to know, we will naturally understand what kind of content should be included and what content satisfies the search intent.

It is also important to set goals for what actions you want users to take after reading the content. By setting goals and back-calculating what information should be included to meet those goals, it is possible to create content that is more user-satisfying.

Let me give you a concrete example.

Keyword: “improve website access”

User search intent (purpose):
“I want to increase the number of visitors to the site”

What users really want to know:
I already have a website but the number of accesses does not increase easily, so I would like to know the solution

User action (goal) after reading the content:
Example1 : Will try to do it based on the content
Example2 : I will consider outsourcing to the company

Content example that satisfies the search intent (purpose):

  • The current issue that the number of accesses does not increase
  • Provide solutions and ways to increase the number of accesses

Content example that guides user action (goal) after reading the content:

  • Procedures and methods to be practiced
  • Approach your company’s strengths
  • Lead them to inquiries, etc.

In this way, it is possible to embody the information and content to be conveyed by deeply grasping the search intention and setting goals as to what kind of consciousness the user wants to have after reading the content.

2.Content is structured to make you want to read until the end

The purpose of SEO content creation is to raise awareness of your company’s products, services and brands, and to make inquiries to prospective customers, which ultimately leads to contracts. Therefore, it is important how you structure the content to indicate users to read until the end without leaving the page. First, let’s look at the composition of the entire content.


The title is the biggest factor in deciding whether a user will read or not read the article.

Title should be:

  • Able to understand “what you can get” and “what you can solve”
  • Able to imagine the contents at a glance
  • Able to attract interest

This is because even when the content displayed on Google’s search result, user might not click and see your content as it’s judged as not interesting.That is why choose a title that users feel “this content is for me. I should read it”

The following examples would be a good attention grabbing title:

  • 5 points of xxx
  • Three reasons that xxx
  • 20 years of professional states xxx
  • How to increase 40% for xxx
  • 6 items you want to check about xxx
  • Eight elements to be aware of xxx

Introductory sentence

Like the title, the introductory sentence is an important factor in deciding to read the content. The purpose is to write an introductory sentence that attracts users and tells them that “there is useful information as you read on.” To do this, it is important that the wording is used to guide the text to satisfy the user’s search intent. You can write an easy-to-understand introductory sentence if you are aware of how you can solve the search intent (purpose) (content that satisfies the search intent).

In fact, the introductory sentence of this content article that I’m writing says, “Many people who create content are not writing it properly.” I have written this sentence to grab attention and interest from the readers so the reader will feel “OH! How so? Am i not writing it correctly? What should I do differently?”

The fact that the user does not leave the page in the middle of the page and reads it firmly to the end means they are satisfied, and the user’s evaluation increases. As the user’s evaluation goes up, Google will judge it as “useful information for the user” and display it at the top page of the search results.

Actual content

Obviously, the text is a part that greatly affects user satisfaction. You should also try to include content related to the title in the text. Users who visit the page because they expect the content to be related to their keyword that they key in to the search engine. At this time, even if you click on a title that matches your search intention and visit it, if the actual content does not match the title, the user will feel disappointed and will leave without satisfaction. The value to the user is determined by how credible the content that matches the search intent can be sympathized with the user.
As a result, it will be evaluated by Google and will be easily displayed at the top of the search.

Ways to increase credibility include describing specific data, introducing use cases, quoting words from experts and famous official websites, and introducing both advantages and disadvantages.

Below are the bad and good examples when creating the actual content details:

  • Bad example: The most implemented solutions in Thailand
  • Good example: A solution that improves operational efficiency by an average of 40% after implementation in Thailand
  • Bad example: Very popular products and services
  • Good example: We have a track record of being implemented by more than 100 Japanese companies in Thailand

When you see the good examples, it can be stated that by writing the specific numbers in the details, it could increase the credibility of the actual content. Also by including not only general information but also one’s unique ideas or opinions, company’s strengths and appeal points that are different from other companies, content originality will be enhanced and could increase credibility that will lead to content efficiency.
In addition, it may be difficult to convey the content by just text alone, it is kind to the users to compose with some images, graphs, and charts. By visualizing the content, users’ understanding will be deepened and it will lead to satisfaction.


Summary content is a very important part as a sentence that reviews the entire article and guides the users to the next action. By including words such as “Please contact us directly” at the end of the article after introducing your company’s products or services, you can encourage the user’s behaviours and actions to the next step.

3.Content is easy to understand for the users

What is often neglected when creating content is whether it is written “easily” for the users to understand. For this, it is important to be aware for the below 2 elements.

Content matches the literacy level of users

When the writers who are familiar with their services and products create the content, they tend to use “terminology terms” such as technical terms and industry terms, which often gives the impression that it is difficult for the users to read. This kind of hard-to-read content causes users to leave the page and affects their evaluation criteria with Google.
However, it is not always the case. It is very important to know who you are delivering the content to, and grasping the literacy level of the target users, so the usage of terminology terms could be adjusted depending on the target audience. For example, in the case of “digital marketing”, when creating content for the users who are in this field, it is not necessary to avoid any difficult terms so much, compared to the users completely different fields. As from our experience, many clients who are mostly not in the digital marketing industry, often question “what is digital?” so it is necessary to explain what digital marketing is as a start. In that case, we can compose the word “digital marketing” for a better understandable phrase. By setting the target and assuming the users literacy, you should be able to see how you can write the content using preferable words and phrases.

Content is easy to read

Article that is not read until the end could conclude it is not a very good content. Users tend to wander around search engines and sites for useful information that they are looking for, so if the details in the article were considered not related, they will exit the page immediately. To solve this problem from happening, the PREP method is the most highly evaluated method for structuring the content.

Point:Conclusion is xxx
Reason (Supporting the point):Because~ xxx
Example(case studies or actual problems):For example、xxx
Point(conclusion/summary):Therefore, it is concluded that xxxx

Here is an example of using the PREP method for structuring.

Keyword topic example:「Digital Marketing」

Point ”Digital marketing has become very important in Thailand, where face-to-face sales are restricted due to the influence of COVID-19.”
Reason ”This is because the number of corporate personnel who collect information online is increasing, and the number of cases where inquiries through the website lead to business negotiations without visiting directly is increasing.”
Example “For example, xxx has been the most issues and problems that many companies in Thailand are facing.“
Point ”Therefore, digital marketing is very important.”

Keyword topic example:「Production Management System (solution)」

Point”In the Thai manufacturing industry, where improving operational efficiency is an urgent issue, digitization such as the introduction of production management systems is progressing.”
Reason”The reason is that by utilizing the production control system, the production process can be visualized and it will lead to the elimination of personalization.“
Example”For example in Thailand recently, xxxx has been the most issues that causing the problem of xxxx”
Point”Therefore, digitization such as the introduction of production management systems is important.”

In this way, if you come to the conclusion of what you want to convey first, and if the content that supports are written, you can create very easy-to-read content that is easy for the user to understand.


This time, I explained three points of how to write content that you should know in order to be displayed at the top of the search results by Google.

  1. Does it match the user’s search intent?
  2. Is it structured to make users want to read on?
  3. Is it made easy to understand?

The key to creating good content is to always remember the “user’s perspective.” This user perspective is an important factor in Google’s evaluation, as Google’s primary goal is to provide useful information to users in search results. If you create content with the user’s perspective in mind, it will be evaluated by Google and will be displayed at the top of the search results.
If the site is displayed at the top of the search results, we believe that it will eventually lead to an increase in the number of site visits and inquiries.
I would be grateful if you could refer to the contents introduced this time.

If you have any problems such as launching websites in Thailand, Malaysia, or Asian countries, but the number of accesses does not increase, or you do not get inquiries, we recommend that you start content SEO. We also provide consultation on content proposals from keyword analysis, which is important for starting content SEO, and support digital marketing in Thailand, Malaysia, and Asian countries. First of all, if you have any concerns about the current situation, please feel free to contact us!