Population in Thailand in 2023

As of January 2023, the total population of Thailand is 71.75 million.

According to statistical data from Kepios, Thailand’s population grew by 114,000 (+0.2%) between 2022 and 2023. 51.5% of the Thai population is female and 48.5% is male.

Internet usage in Thailand in 2023

At the beginning of 2023, when Internet penetration reached 85.3%, Thailand had 61.21 million Internet users, and according to Kepios’ analysis, the number of Internet users in Thailand grew by 97,000 (+0.2%) between 2022 and 2023.

Social Media Usage in Thailand in 2023

As of January 2023, Thailand will have 52.25 million social media users, or 72.8% of the total population.

Thailand is also developing rapidly in digital marketing against a backdrop of rapidly growing Internet usage and smartphone penetration. In particular, the following trends are projected for 2023

  1. Expansion of social media advertising
  2. Utilization of Big Data
  3. Expansion of video marketing
  4. Importance of mobile optimization
  5. Expansion of online shopping

1. Expansion of social media advertising

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are widely used in Thailand. Therefore, demand for social media advertising is expected to increase. Particular attention will be paid to advertisements targeting younger audiences and those created in collaboration with influencers.

Facebook users in Thailand in 2023

According to Meta (formerly Facebook), data currently shows a Facebook ad reach of 48.1 million people in Thailand. Facebook’s ad reach in Thailand was equivalent to 67.0% of the total population in early 2023.

Instagram users in Thailand in 2023

Figures published in Meta’s advertising tool show 17.35 million users on Instagram in Thailand in early 2023.

According to data published in Meta’s planning tool, Instagram’s potential ad reach in Thailand declined by 1.2 million (-6.2%) between 2022 and 2023. Quarterly, the company’s data also reveals that the size of Instagram’s ad audience in Thailand decreased by 500,000 (-2.8%) between October 2022 and January 2023.

TikTok users in Thailand in 2023

According to figures from ByteDance’s Advertising Resources, TikTok had 40.28 million users over the age of 18 in early 2023. TikTok’s ad reach in Thailand, regardless of age, represented 65.8% of the Internet user base earlier this year; in early 2023, 60.0% of the TikTok ad audience in Thailand was female and 40.0% was male.

2. Utilization of Big Data

Digital marketing using big data is expected to increase in Thailand. Specifically, it is expected that consumer behavior data will be analyzed for more accurate targeting.

More accurate targeting

Marketing analysis using big data can provide insight into consumer preferences and behavioral trends. Information obtained from big data can be used to develop more targeted product development and marketing strategies. For example, consumer attributes, purchase histories, and behavior histories on websites and SNS can be analyzed to identify target consumer segments. In addition, more advanced targeting is possible, enabling more effective advertisement delivery. Based on information obtained from big data, it is possible to deliver optimal advertisements to targeted consumer segments. For example, the timing of ad delivery and ad design can be optimized based on consumer attributes and behavioral history.


By utilizing big data, it is possible to provide personalized services and products to customers. Based on information obtained from big data, it is possible to provide customers with optimal products and services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. For example, it is possible to provide optimal products and services to customers based on their past purchase history, browsing history, search history, etc.

3. Expansion of video marketing

Internet users in Thailand tend to be interested in video content.

According to Google’s advertising data, 43.9 million users in Thailand will be using YouTube in 2023; YouTube ad reach in early 2023 was equivalent to 61.2% of the total Thai population at the beginning of the year. To put these numbers in perspective, YouTube advertising reached 71.7% of Thailand’s total Internet user base (regardless of age) in January 2023. At that time, 52.0% of YouTube ad viewers in Thailand were female and 48.0% were male.

The number of YouTube users in Thailand is very high, and is expected to increase further in 2023. YouTube ads can be used to deliver targeted ads and are expected to be highly effective.

Video Marketing with Influencers

In Thailand, influencer marketing using social networking services is attracting attention, and it is expected that in 2023, the production of video content featuring influencers and the promotion of products by influencers will continue to flourish.

Short video production

The production of short videos has been popular in Thailand, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Short videos are easily shared on various platforms, including SNS, and are considered highly effective in advertising. For Thai people who are not good at reading print, information obtained from videos is very effective and tends to lead to recognition and product understanding.

4. Importance of Mobile Optimization

In Thailand, mobile optimization is extremely important due to the high penetration of smartphones, and by 2023, mobile optimization is expected to be even more important, requiring mobile-specific design and content.

Introduction of responsive design

The implementation of responsive design is important to achieve mobile optimization. Responsive design is a technique that allows users to comfortably access a website from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, by automatically changing the layout and design according to screen size.

Adoption of mobile-first strategies

Mobile optimization requires the adoption of a mobile-first strategy. This means providing content that prioritizes mobile devices and offering mobile-only campaigns and services.

Mobile App Development

In Thailand, the use of smartphones tends to be high and the number of app users is high. Therefore, mobile applications can be developed and linked to websites to improve usability.

The above are examples of mobile optimization measures expected to be implemented in Thailand in 2023. By improving websites and apps from a mobile-first perspective, it is possible to improve the user experience and encourage purchases. By focusing on marketing initiatives that incorporate mobile optimization, you can better reach your target users.

5. Expansion of online shopping

Online shopping is growing rapidly in Thailand, and more consumers are expected to shop online by 2023. Therefore, it will become increasingly important to set up online stores and promote their products online. The following specific measures can be considered to address the growing importance of online stores and promotional activities.

Establishment of an online store

By opening an online store, you can offer your products and services to a larger number of consumers. Through an online store, you can also communicate more closely with consumers and improve customer satisfaction.

Omni-Channel Strategy Adoption

An omni-channel strategy is a strategy to improve the consumer purchasing experience by integrating online and brick-and-mortar sales channels. By linking online and brick-and-mortar stores, customers can enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.

Promotional activities using social media

In Thailand, social media has become a popular promotional tool, and in 2023, social networking services can be used to increase awareness of products and services through advertising distribution, campaigns, contests, and other activities.

Real-time delivery and enhanced customer service

Consumers’ expectations for online shopping are increasing, requiring real-time delivery and prompt customer service, and in 2023, measures to enhance consumer convenience, such as real-time delivery and 24-hour customer support, will be critical.

Introduction of AI-based recommendation function

AI-based recommendation functions can be introduced to suggest products and provide advice on purchases based on consumers’ preferences and purchasing history. By providing more personalized services to consumers, this can lead to an increase in their willingness to purchase.

These are our forecasts for the digital marketing situation in Thailand 2023. These measures should be used to develop effective marketing strategies for target customers. It is important to develop a digital marketing strategy in Thailand based on these trends. In particular, focusing on social media advertising, AI, big data utilization, mobile optimization, and online shopping are keys to success in digital marketing in Thailand.