Inquiry Maximizer

Get more potential clients and grow your business across Asia Pacific.

Inquiry Maximizer  (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) – Our expertise is specialize in assisting businesses in crucial markets, as well as those venturing into business expansion endeavors across the APAC region, by promoting  meaningful connections with key decision-makers. Elevate your B2B sales prospects through meticulously tailored inbound and outbound marketing strategies crafted to seize valuable opportunities.

With Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales),

we empower established and emerging businesses across multiple industries,
including technology, software, fintech, advertising, and manufacturing,
to scale their businesses in APAC and across the globe.

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What is Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) ?

We send your sales kits/sales pitch through a company Inquiry Form on websites. We also provide full service by extending our support through diligent follow-up services, designed to propel your business expansion and increase your revenue.

Why do you need Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales)?

Incorporating Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) into your marketing planning is a good strategy. It approach can lead to more organized, targeted, and successful sales interactions, ultimately contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction. Below is the reasons of incorporate Inquiry Maximizer into your business:

Efficient Lead Generation

Outbound inquiry forms streamline the process of capturing potential leads. They provide a structured way for interested individuals to express their interest, allowing your sales team to focus on those who are genuinely interested.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Outbound Inquiry form being feedbacked directly to you with their inquiries or interest in the products. It allows prospects to be brief with the in-depth of your proposal. This saves time and more efficient in getting actual business.

Benefits of Using Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales)

Start Up Fee 0

No need for any fees to start up an outbound inquiry form sales with us.

This is the cheaper and more efficient method for getting more lead generation.

More Revenue

With Outbound Inquiry Form sending out in mass to targeted clients, there is a high order rate and chances to close a deal very fast. We bring awareness to your potential clients and are able to target the correct department and get appointments.


Your potential clients click into the link in an outbound inquiry form and are able to know more about your services/products by checking your landing page or websites.

More Lead Generation

You can get more new clients and expand your business via sending out your sales pitch in a potential client’s inquiry form.

Comparison between Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) with Other Channels

Different in between Inquiry Maximizer and Others Channels
(such as cold call , email marketing)

Inquiry Maximizer (Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) Differences Other Channels
Proactive Engagement: Outbound inquiry forms involve reaching out to potential customers actively. They initiate the interaction by expressing interest through the form. Engagement Reactive and Proactive: While outbound inquiry forms are proactive, other channels can be both reactive (responding to inquiries) and proactive (reaching out to potential leads).
Structured Information: Inquiry forms collect specific and structured information from prospects, ensuring that essential details are captured consistently. Information Varied Information: Other channels might gather information in different ways – emails could lead to varied responses, and cold calls may require real-time interaction.
High Quality Lead : Inquiry forms often include qualifying questions, helping to gauge the level of interest and readiness to purchase. This aids in prioritizing leads for follow-up. Quality Lead Low Quality Lead: Mass approach without perform any background check only could spoil your branding images. Spend high with low returns.
Personalization: The data collected in the form allows for personalized communication, addressing the specific needs and preferences of each lead. Personalization Personalization Challenges: Personalizing interactions in other channels might require more manual effort due to potentially limited initial data.
Efficiency: Inquiry forms save time for both the prospect and the sales team, as initial information and qualifying questions are handled through the form. Efficiency Time and Resource Consumption: Cold calls and personalized email responses can take more time compared to streamlined form submissions.
Data Insights: The information gathered from forms provides valuable insights into customer preferences, which can bring as reference in your future marketing strategies. Data Insights Insights May Vary: Other channels can provide insights as well, but they might be more qualitative rather than the structured data obtained from forms.

Specialty of Our Service

  • It’s important to have our team check on each target’s inquiry form before sending. Our dedicated team is ready to assist in checking each potential customer’s inquiry form by ONE-BY-ONE without using any robots.
  • Our professional team provides UNIQUE & SPECIAL-TAILORED sales messages to reach each of your prospective clients across various industries.


  • Identification : Identify websites that do not have contact forms or are not suitable in sending inquiry forms. From there, we will exclude those who don’t have inquiry form on their website during our approach. We will narrow down to those potential client who got inquiry forms on their website. This will increase the hit rate in the approaching process.
  • Prevention : Prevent sending outbound inquiry sales messages in potential client’s contact forms which strictly refuse sales messages. We will check each targeted clients’ website inquiry form condition before send. This will increase in getting real appointment rate.
  • Prioritise : A specially designed sales message is good to attract your target client eye-ball. It keeps them reading and makes the first move to engage with you. The rate to get an actual appointment or business is nearly 90% if you got a call or able to engage with your targeted clients.


Inquiry Maximizer
(Outbound Inquiry Form Sales) 

Basic Advanced
Cost 5,000 THB 15,000 THB
Provide a List of Potential Client 1,000 list 1,000 list
Prioritise Sales Message Writing Cost
Our team manually checking each targeted client’s inquiry form condition before sending
Operation in sending sales message manually
  • No extra cost or hidden cost
  • No restriction in choosing how or when sending inquiry form
  • Professional team provides full support to your businesses needs
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