GoLive Streaming

Before it is too late! Make your business live and grow! Increase the opportunity for the business to reach more target groups.

GoLive Streaming

3 reason to choose Live Streaming

Easy to install, Easy to use

Allow anyone to be able to live stream by connecting to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Immediate Response

Immediately understand the response and interest from your customer target audience

Live Presentation

Sales presentations of products and services with a sense of reality can be made from anywhere

GoLive Streaming Package

Basic Package

for GoLive Streaming

Camera 1 unit + Computer Set for Streaming 1 unit

Recommended Package

for GoLive Streaming

Camera 2 unit + Computer Set for Streaming 1 unit

Professional Package

for GoLive Streaming

Camera 2 unit + Light Studio (lighting 2 set) 1 unit + Computer Set for Streaming 1 unit

Strengths of ICOMM AVENU

Design and develop

Include all material system

Team experience

connect to devices such as Camera Smartphone Tablet or PC without interruption.

Team Support

The experienced team of professionals will support you for any inquiries.

Scope of Job


We will propose based on consultation and request what products and services should be

Environment setting

We will analyse your distribution environment and decide on effective plan for conducting the live streaming


Prepare distribution equipment according to the plan

Set up

We will set up the distribution environment and train for live streaming procedure

Test Delivery

Live Streaming test before go live and make adjustment if needed


Our team will assist you with any inquiries regarding distribution